One Crazy Day ( and Night) in the Castro

The scene:  I am at 440, a gay bar in the Castro District in San Francisco.  I admit that I already had a few drinks.  I was up at the upper level section of the bar.  I had already engaged in conversation with some guys.  We were all standing on the go go boy dancing platform.  That night there was no dancing. It gives us a great view of the entire bottom floor and who is coming in and out of the bar.  Perfect viewing and often entertaining.

Then this handsome young guy comes up to me and starts talking to me. He knows some of the guys  in the small group I am attached to at that moment.  He and I start some flirtatious banter.  There seems to be some connection. He has gotten my attention.  We are both relying on some sarcasm and humor to move our conversation along.  There is a touch here and there.  Definite interest.  We are both what my best friend will call “Roosters.”   Another word for alpha male personalities and in the gay world makes for an interesting dynamic. Sometimes from my experience it can be really hot and then sometimes it can be disastrous.

We talked about our jobs. I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a Spanish teacher.  Well,  I am familiar with teachers . My LTR of 11 years was a teacher and so was my ex-wife ( that’s another story).    Then he told me he was being paid by the older gentleman behind me as an escort.  I thought teacher pay was bad but…

Anyway, I immediately told me , well I am not a potential customer.  His name was Chris and told me that he was not interested in me becoming a customer and wanted to see me again.   All I could think, was “Why me?”  Of course it would be the cute Spanish teacher and gay escort who would like me.

What will happen?  Nothing is my prediction.   Just another crazy encounter in the Castro.

It was just the icing on a full day of different experiences that sometimes finds me as a single guy in the gayest neighborhood in the world.

I was at Badlands just before then to meet up with someone I met online who had been texting me to meet him.  I was late , I admitted,  because I actually spending some time with a dear friend at the Midnight Sun who needed to talk to me about some problems.   I made sure he knew that.  Well, of course I got to Badlands and could not find him and tried to text him. Then I got asked to dance by this guy so I did.  I checked again for the other guy after dancing to  Rihanna and Gaga numbers.  No luck.  Ok…flake alert.

Earlier,  I did have a drink with this other guy who I met, who was a photographer. He was really nice and I enjoyed his company.  We had a lot in common.  I am not sure yet  if this has potential to go any further or if it will simply be a “just friends” thing.

Okay so let me fast forward to the later evening where I made it home ( which is less than 3 blocks from all of these venues).   For those who live in the neighborhood and who subscribe to certain “meet up”  sites, there is a certain hour on  most nights and mostly on weekends when the activity reaches a friendly, especially for people who want to hook up.

I was watching the my DVR recording of the London Olympics , when texts started coming of various requests for some “fun” times.   One request came from someone I thought was really nice.  So after some exchanges, he came over to my place.  Well,  he started to tell me about his recent break up with his boyfriend.   An hour later…  He was still talking and I had totally lost interest.  I actually started watching the Olympics on my TV.  He then finally got the hint and said, ” Well, I guess I better go catch the bus, right?”  I answered,  ” Right.”

Then as I was going back to watch the Olympics, I got 2 messages with very interesting pictures and invitations.   I decided to eat some cookies instead and watch some men’s swimming finals.

There is always the next day and I have a date.

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