Olympian RJ Blas Achieves A First For Guam

There are firsts at the London Olympics games and this includes the same for the United States Territory of Guam.  Superweight Judoka Guam

Historic victory: Guam’s RJ Blas, in white, competes against Facinet Keita (Guinea), in blue, during the men’s plus-100-kilogram elimination round in the London 2012 Olympic Games Thursday at ExCel-North Arena 2. Blas won by ippon, becoming the first Guam athlete to advance at the Olympics. / James Lang/USA TODAY Sports

Olympian, R.J. Blas advanced  out of an Olympics round. This is the first time in Guam’s 24 year history with the Olympics that any of its athletes has been able to advance out of a round.

He won his round against the champion from Guinea ( population 10.8 million people) compared to Guam’s 150,000.

Known as “Little Mountain” for his 481 lb frame , Blas did lose his next round but still has led the way by breaking the glass ceiling for the Guam athletes.  He stated,  “I let it all out. I left everything I had out there,” he said afterward. “I have no regrets.” – Pacific Daily News

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