Twilight- Breaking Dawn 2 Completes the Series Perfectly

Sometimes the last installment of a series  like Twilight can be disappointing because expectations are high, especially by the most die hard fans.  I am not really a follower of the series but I read the books with my daughters  because it enthused them into reading.  Of course, the girls loved the story.  Stephenie Meyer, who is the author, is talented and is a great storyteller.

I like this film in particular because it really hit the dramatic arc of the story in bringing some great scenes of conflict to the screen while still staying true to the core theme of  the love story between Edward ( Robert Pattinson ) and Bella ( Kristen Stewart).

The vistas are sweeping and there is enough drama and epic battle scenes to make it a great movie experience.

I did admit that the vampire clans kind of reminded me of  some drag queen groups fighting on some Ru Paul devised   competition.  There were some real campy moments.

Dawn 2 is definitely holiday fun and is the best going away party for Twilight as it earns it place in movie classics.

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