San Jose, Drag Queens , UFO’s and Hobbits

Finally,  I was joining my best friend in one of his trips to San Jose to enjoy the gay bar scene there for the first time . Yes there is one there.  Really, there is… and I wanted to see it.

I have been to San Jose Pride and really enjoyed it.  The whole two and half hours I was there.

Well, I met  up with him, his date and another good friend of ours in the Castro before we got in his black mustang and headed on the road to San Jose.  The fog was pretty thick in San Francisco .  It dissipated the further we got south where we could see the stars and the moon.

We knew the night was going to be real interesting one as soon as we entered San Jose and got close to the airport ( the bar is close to there).  We were all awed by how close the planes came in to land from where we were at on the road. The lights from the planes were so bright.  My best friend’s date piped up ” That is not a plane!”   Well, the rest of us knew it was because we could see the Alaska Airlines logo on the tail.   He kept insisting it was hovering in the air.  Yes, that is right…hovering.    Like a UFO.

My best friend asked him what he was on because he wanted some of it.

His date said he wasn’t on anything and that what we saw was not a plane.  I thought , well, those aliens branded themselves with an Alaskan Eskimo logo.  Does that mean that Alaskans are…

Well, my nest friend’s date kept insisting it was not a plane the rest of the night.  Okay, then…

Anyway, we got to Renegades.  What I love about this bar it sits right across a huge shopping plaza where there is a Target, a El Pollo Loco, and all those suburbia chain standards.  Yes, I was thinking about running over and getting some chicken.  Not at the bar, silly.  Well, maybe there, too.

We get into the bar which was something like an upscale version of Este Noche in the Mission, with a tinge of the White Horse Bar in Oakland  and with a whiff of south of Market.  The bartenders match the decor.   But ,they are friendly.   There is a dark split patio in the back to smoke.

There is a good crowd because Pollo DelMar has brought her Glamazone show in from San Francisco.  We are there to watch our close friend, Ana Mae Coxxx perform.  Many Drag performers that we know are present.  The show is actually quite good. In fact, it really brings up the up the place by several notches.   Familiar faces and great performers.  There is a guest star from Ru Paul‘s Drag Race.

Drinks there a plenty.  Yes, we down a bunch of them.

I meet someone from Hawaii.  He asks me for my number.  I  can’t remember his name now.

There is a guy in a face mask and leather hat ( cute) that passes out great jello shots. Yep we have a couple of rounds of those babies.

The night ends and then we get ready to leave.

However, there is a plan that involves Hobbits.   Well, a Billboard  for the new Hobbit Movie.  We want our pictures with it.  It is located by the bar.  When we get closer to it , there is quite a space to actually get up to the ladder.  So none of us want to do it, except for my best friend’s date.  Yes, the one who saw the Alaskan Airlines UFO.

He climbs up the Billboard and he poses and I  take a picture.  Well, I take a picture of him climbing up the ladder, climbing down the ladder,  etc. also. He has a cute ass.

We are hungry so we GPS Map search Denny’s.  The nearest one is 10 miles away.

We get there.   The waiter asked  me what kind of eggs I want.  I said water.

Yep,  what a night, San Jose!   It was fun.

Watch out for those UFOs!

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