The Hobbit- A Happy Return To Middle Earth

Watching this movie recently was like returning to an old friend,  snuggling in a warm blanket with cookies and  milk, and then being swept away to a wondrous world we all love, Middle Earth.  Of course, I read The Hobbit, many years ago.


This first installment of the book on film as again captured the essence of the words  and has brought to life the characters we loved and cherished in our minds as we joined them in their adventures to defeat Smaug, the dragon. Bilbo Baggins and his band of 13 set out to the Lonely Mountain. On route and with the help of Gandalf, they encounter all kinds of challenges.  Gollum enters the picture and by mere accident Bilbo acquires the infamous ring, affectionately nicknamed,  “My Precious.”

The film is absolutely beautiful to watch set in New Zealand.  The special effects are so well  integrated that you visually feel that you are part of a whole new world. The ensemble cast is not only likable but you are totally caught up in their story and the appeal of their very human frailties.  You believe that  goodness can prevail under such evil and dire circumstances.

Although magic is abundant in the story, it is the power of teamwork, friendship, hope , faith and courage that reign supreme. It is the story of the ages. In our time of distress, it seems the Hobbit is a movie that lifts us and reminds us that despite what is put before us we can overcome and be victorious together.

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