The Human Way

Photo by Sami Sarkis

Photo by Sami Sarkis

The Human Way

By: JP Leddy

Gazing into days that disappear into tomorrows not yet

The winter wind toys with my heart as it yearns for warmth

That comes from love found burning strong with each morn

Music fills my ear track to track peeling me raw to my core

As the sounds and scenes of the city move with little notice or care

Belief clings to me even when I sometimes try to wrestle it away

That someday what I want will be found or it will find me

But days like these must sometimes be and a tear or two may drop

For such is the human way when it comes to love and its want

Pain may flow but joy will come , the waiting will end in embrace

My heart beat keeps the door open so love may know it is welcome



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