Amour – Love Against the Backdrop of the Pain and the Reality of the Worst of Old Age

Emmanuelle Riva in Amour.  Photo care of

Emmanuelle Riva in Amour. Photo care of

Amour makes you feel like a fly on the wall of what seems to be the life of a quiet and unassuming elderly couple.  When you complete this two hour+ film journey you have been transformed by the way you have been given such a raw treatment of the ravages of old age.  The genius of this movie, is that despite the outward appearance of this couple, their youthful spirits, shine through against bodies that simply were working against them.

In its quiet simplicity, the deterioration  of Anne ( played by Oscar nominated, Emmanuelle Riva) because of two strokes, you see the ravages of such an onslaught physically, mentally and emotionally to her.  It also affects her caretaker and husband,  Georges ( played wonderfully by Jean-Louis Tintignant).   His character is also aged and he has challenges of his own.  You see his love portrayed through his caring for her but it is also seen through the perfect syncing of their lives together.  They are in complete unison and understanding  of each other.  They are as one heartbeat in their daily lives.

You also see them through their daughter and young piano student, who is now a world renown pianist.   They actually reflect some of our perceptions.  Here are two brilliant musically, talented and respected mentors whose lives and former selves are altered forever in such a brutal and unforgiving way.

Old age and all that comes with it is in most of our futures.  There are some real stark realities that come with that era of our lives. The film is unforgiving in showing us it.

Amour ends with such a climax it draws out a myriad of questions. However, what it does  not really make you think about is the inevitability of death, but focuses on the last leg of life in seniordom .  Many of us will be struggling with disabilities and other similar struggles by then.

Can we face it?

Can our love ones face it with us?


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