The Music of Craig Cavanagh

Craig Cavanagh

Craig Cavanagh

One of the ways social media can be powerful is how you can discover music and the artists behind the music from across the world in a very intimate and personal way.  This has been my experience with Craig Cavanagh , from the UK and one of my friends on Facebook.

He was a Facebook friend first. I have participated with him as he went through the creative process ( through his postings), and he has shared through personal messages to me about his life and his comments about my own life.  Through it all, his music has become more meaningful to me.

He recently has progressed in recognition at MTV UK  in the unsigned Music Artist category.  His music is available on iTunes and I believe we shall see more of this emerging artist.  He has the talent.

Here is a teaser video of his March EP release

Green Eyed Soul

His music is filled with rich lyrics and haunting tones , even with the  upbeat like Pon Me ( my favorite).  His voice range is wide and he hits notes that reflect emotion that carries through , soulful with depth.

A choir boy from Liverpool, England , Cavanagh is able to write his songs like paint on a canvas that each note that tends toward the higher register without being loud or showy, yet deep with resolution.

One of my favorite quotes from him from a recent posting on Facebook:

“Musicians, DJ’s singers and songwriters all have their own niche that inspires them to write or just bring a song/music into our lives. Personally, for me, it’s linked to love, heartbreak, break ups, lasting relationship/friendships, friendships lost and people I’ve lost along the way who will never get to hear the music with me again in this world! I just ♥ music ha! Morning x” – Craig Cavanagh

Craig Cavanagh

Craig Cavanagh

Listen to his music, go to his website:

Download his music on iTunes.

2 thoughts on “The Music of Craig Cavanagh

  1. I would like to feature Craig in my June issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. He suggested your review for some ideas on reviewing his work. I have never done a review personally, and was wondering if you’d like to write one or if you’d mind if I used your review above in some form or fashion, with appropriate credit to you, of course. Let me know. Thanks. Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine,

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