Oz – The Great and Powerful – Not So Much


Oz- The Great and Powerful is one of those films that has the makings of becoming a great classic and yet it does not quite get there.  It has some moments , some very good ones.  However, as a whole, it fizzles into  something that is just alright and does not match the high standard that Disney has made for itself.  The movie certainly does not live up to the iconic film it is carved from.

I was entertained during parts of it but there were parts that moved slowly. James Franco shone in certain parts of the film, also, but in other areas , he came across contrived ,  which I am beginning to believe was due to the limitations of the material.  It was as if the full potential of the layered and deep acting he was capable of was being hampered.

The movie was pretty to look at.

Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams as the three witches also gave various levels of performances that each have bright moments and yet the story is not woven in such a way to really bring the layered depth , that I think the movie was trying to portray.  Again, a waste of great talent.

I was hoping that the Oz’s companions the monkey and china doll would be as endearing as Dorthy’s Lion , Scarecrow and Tin Man.  They were not.  Yes, they were cute but they did not capture our hearts.

What this movie desperately needed was a center.  It needed a heart.

Unfortunately, it did not find it on the yellow brick road at the final edit cut.

3 thoughts on “Oz – The Great and Powerful – Not So Much

  1. Interesting. I have no desire to see the movie but there’s been so much hype. And I also blogged about James Franco getting a star on the walk of fame a day before the opening. Coincidence?!

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