The Host – The Return of Great Science Fiction to the Big Screen

The Host banner

I knew that when I read The Host by Stephenie Meyer that she had come up with a story so much deeper and better than her whole Twilight series.  Light years better.   The Host takes us into an Earth where peace and harmony dwells.  The environment is clean.  All is well.  It is because aliens have taken over  the bodies of almost all humans on the planet.

The story focuses on the main character of Melanie , a rebel of sorts, who is captured and a host alien is embedded in her body. Unlike most humans, Melanie’s conscious self remains inside . She and her alien invader co exist in her body, turning into a  double personality journey,  that brings a  refreshing twist  both on the character level and the overall invasion story level.

The movie captures the essence of the book perfectly.  What I love is that it challenges you with concepts that only good science fiction does but also keeps true to good character development.  There is also a great story line that every movie should have from beginning to end.

Saoirse Ronan plays Melanie and  Wanda ( the alien Wanderer) with pitch perfect delivery.  She is likable and we are able to see the two characters in one person.  Diane Kruger plays the protagonist , The Seeker, with such determined resolve to maintain control and get her  “man”  like Javert pursuing Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.  She is great as the villain of sorts.

Max Irons  as Jared and  Jake Abel as Ian play the love interests of Melanie and Wanda respectively.  That is one of the most interesting parts of the movie.  Two minds in one body in love with two different guys.

There are so many universal themes that Meyers covers in her book that has been translated into the screen.

The Host will leave you grateful that good science fiction is still something possible at the movies.

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