Our American Idol

American Idol Season 12 finalists Candace Glover and Kree Harrison

American Idol Season 12 finalists Candace Glover and Kree Harrison

Here I am again.  The finale week of American Idol.   Two really wonderful singers are about to compete for the title , Candace Glover and Kree Harrison.  Both great talents with some wonderful background stories. Either can take the title.  Whatever the result, both will have long careers, no doubt.

Big news announced, Randy Jackson will be leaving the show.   Only Ryan Seacrest will be left …and me.  We were there from the beginning.

American Idol has had such an impact on American television, pop and music culture.  It has been the source of water cooler talk over the years  It has been criticized in every which way and honored for the discovery of some of the best music and even acting talent in recent years.  It has launched several careers. There is no doubt of its impact.

While it has struggled with its ratings as of late , it still has drawn significant audiences.

It has given us Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, Jordin Sparks, Scotty McCreery, and Phillip Phillips. It has also given us Clay Aiken, Daughtery, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson. Kelly Pickler, and many more singers, actors and entertainers. Grammy Award winners, Academy award winners, and winners and nominees from every entertainment category.

We also have seen it give 15 minutes of fame to numerous real no talents.  It was part of the ritual to discover these wannabees.

It has cemented in our psyche Simon Cowell as the ultimate judge and reignited Paula Abdul in a whole new era of her career life.  It made us rediscover J-Lo, Mariah, Steven Tyler and learn more about Nicki Minaj.  We even got a taste of Ellen in prime time.

We saw more artists and acts either mentor and/or perform on stage. We have seen some really good copycat shows emerge and other really bad ones come and go.

Idol has become part of Americana. We have and continue to participate in the phenomenon.  We discover our music legends.  It is still great TV. We return to it again and again, no matter how much we complain about it from time to time.

Get ready, America,  It’s  time to vote for your American Idol…again!

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