Some Thoughts On Harvey Milk Day

Today, we celebrate the memory and legacy of American hero and civil rights activist , Harvey Milk.  We look at the great cause that he was a part of, which was to see the  achievement of full equality for LGBT citizens in the United States ( and in the world).

There have been major steps forward,  since his assassination, in terms, of the law and we see milestones within our reach in marriage equality soon for the whole nation.  Public opinion have turn in favor of recognizing equal rights for our particular minority group.  Many have come out in traditionally heterosexual dominated sectors of society.

In terms of attitude and human interaction, we still see hate crimes being committed in places like New York City. We see school officials denying LGBT youth the ability to bring their dates to proms, we see homophobic bullying causing some of our youth to feel they need to end their lives.

We see religious leaders and political leaders spill out bigoted statements from the  pulpit and at public debate.  We see a million moms march against same sex recognition in business marketing.

As we see the march to equality accelerate to fruition, we all see some of it’s foes accelerate in their verbal and often violent attacks.

However,  on this day when we remember Harvey Milk, we also remember his resolve and courage, that no violent opposition , even that which threatens death, can stop equality.

So let us celebrate what has been accomplished by those who have fought and died before us. Let us not lose our resolve.  We win this fight. It is a worthy one.

All men are created equal. Now matter how hard they try, they can never erase those words. That is what America is about.” – Harvey Milk

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