You Deserve That, Dad

Photo by Orange Parents

Photo by Orange Parents

(The phone rings.)

I answer.  ” Hello”



(It’s my eldest daughter.  I smile.)

My daughter: ” So what do you think about this past weekend. Did you have fun, celebrating pride, especially with the marriage equality thing?”

Me: “Yes. It was really fun.  Wonderful time.”

My daughter:  “Dad, is there anybody special in your life?”

(I feel a lump in my throat. Uncomfortable at the question)

Me:  ” Um…he has not graduated from High School yet.”

My Daughter:  ” Dad , that is not funny. Seriously, don’t you want someone in your life?”

(My mind races.  I think yeah it would be nice.  This is the longest I have been single . Over three years since the break up of my eleven year relationship with Gary and over a year and half since my last steady boyfriend that I dated. )

Me: ” I guess it would be nice.”

My daughter:   ”  You deserve that Dad.  Love and someone that cares about you.”

( My heart melts as the voice and the love of my daughter impacts me.  I deserve love.)

Me: “I love you, sweetie. ” 

What unfolds in the lives of many with a simple declaration of equality from the highest court of this land.

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