You Got The Love – With Jason Brock

I still remember San Franciscan Jason Brock’s debut on The X Factor last year.  His booming voice, stage presence and talent just made him one of the favorites of the show. His numbers were big productions but it was his voice that won America over.

Full of personality and an openly proud gay man, Brock continues on with his own brand of fun, loving music with the self affirming “You Got The Love.” His video just sparkles and it definitely showcases him and his voice.

Jason Brock

Jason Brock

A catchy tune that departs from his moving ballads where his range is fully utilized , this pop entry shows his playful side and also brings a message in a time when equality is moving forward faster then ever before.

It is a dance anthem for this generation.

Quote from Jason Brock’s YouTube Channel :

“This is Jason Brock’s new single, “You’ve Got the Love!” It’s a song about how you can make people happy by showing them love – and help people get through hard times. Now, with DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 (anti-gay marriage act in California) being overturned by the Supreme Court, this is an especially great time for Californians and all Americans to celebrate Pride and the fact that we can express our love openly (and even get married if we want to)! “


Video by Erik Scanlon
Music written by Jason Brock & Produced by Leo Frappier

Special thanks to: Donna Bautista, Jacob Truong, Brian Andersen, Preston Nesbit, Aki Starr, Ward Han & the City of San Francisco!

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