Why I Am Voting for David “LD” Herrera for Grand Duke of San Francisco

David "LD" Herrera Candidate for Grand Duke of San Francisco.  Voting day: Saturday September 21

David “LD” Herrera Candidate for Grand Duke of San Francisco. Voting day: Saturday September 21

The Ducal Council of San Francisco is one of very few organizations that actually let the citizens of the community cast their votes  to decide who would chair the charitable fundraising initiatives for the following year.  Using their internal royal title system for their members, the votes will be cast for Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of San Francisco.

The election will be held on Saturday, September 21st and is open to all residents of San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties.  All you need is a valid picture I.D. that shows your home address.

Following the election, the winners will be announced at the Ducal Coronation slated for Saturday, September 28th at the Hotel Whitcomb.

I am supporting candidate, David “LDHerrera for Grand Duke of San Francisco.  There are several reasons for this but it comes from actually knowing him over the years,  knowing how he has served the community, knowing his leadership abilities and finally knowing his heart.

When the new court is installed after the elections, they will be tasked with raising funds by holding events at bars, other venues and special projects that will benefit several charities. Raising this money, one dollar at a time.

This needs innovative and strong leadership with experience and humility. The money raised will benefit thousands of people served by charities that touch multiple worthy causes.

David has been involved over the past 3 years in ducal service. He is currently serving in the current court as Prince Royale, a court that had a record year of $53,000 in funds raised.  He was a large part of that effort in reaching that goal. He intends to raise at least $60,000 , if elected.  It will be another record, that I know he can achieve and even exceed.

He is leader among his peers. He is able to motivate individuals from all backgrounds to action. He is likable because he is sincere and and genuine. That combination of leadership and authenticty make him the choice for Grand Duke.

David has always been a part of not only the LGBT community but has been part of the whole community. He knows the San Francisco Bay area. He will be a great ambassador and advocate for all of us.

He plans to reach out to the whole community and find new sources of fundraising. This is doable because he is well networked into many sectors here in the bay area.  I expect big growth in this area.

Finally, I know David’s heart. I know him as LD.  I have known him for years. His humor, likability and passion for all that is important to him is proof that he will make the perfect Grand Duke. He has a generous soul and also has strong commitment. His life expereinces have prepared him for this role.

That is why I am voting for him. I ask you to do the same.

Vote for David “LD” Herrera on Saturday, September 21st.

Voting is open to the public if you live in Marin, San Mateo or SF City and County with valid ID. Here are the voting locations.

Project Open Hand Lobby
Polk and Ellis Streets 9:00am-2:00pm

SF Eagle
12th and Folsom 1pm-5pm

Magnet 18th and Castro Street 2pm-6pm

We are asking everyone who is out this Saturday, to wear purple, eligible voters and non-voters. Join us in the Castro and become the sea of purple support for David.

Be part of an exciting new era!
LD cover

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