Sound of Music Live- Just Dies

Carrie Underwood with the Von Trapp children in Sound of Music Live

Carrie Underwood with the Von Trapp children in Sound of Music Live

I knew enough to not compare it to the classic movie with Julie Andrews. That film is my favorite musical and it stands alone as a great piece of film.   However, I have seen stage productions of the Sound of Music so I had some perspective on the material.

On the stage, as an audience member,  you are more distant from the cast and you see the full stage.  There is audience participation with clapping , laughter and maybe the occasional booing.  The cast wins you over with their booming voices augmented by their ability to act on stage.  I have seen great productions of this play on the stage. I just did not see it on NBC.

The Sound of Music is about family. It is about immediate connection with Governess Maria and Captain Von Trapp.  I did not feel it.  For most of the Live production I felt like Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer, seemed uncomfortable in the genre and somewhat stilted. I did not buy into the premise that they had fallen in love.

The young lovers of Liesl ( played by Arianne Rinehart) and Rolf ( Michael Campayno)  seemed more believable and genuine.  I do miss the iconic scene in the gazebo.  I think it would have played better than rolling down on  the hillside.

Audra Mcdonald as Mother Abbess gave the strongest performance. She had some powerful moments.

Also, I felt that the children were kind of pushed to the background and I believe there was an opportunity to use them to create more warmth in the family.  Again, disconnect.

I still love Carrie Underwood.  I am not sure if acting or musical theater is really her best use of her talents.  She is a great country singer!  Keep doing that, Carrie!

I think The Sound of Music should be left off the TV screen if it is simply a filming of a stage production.  It does not work.

Now, I am going to watch the classic movie and wash the live residue off me.

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