A Rickshaw Run in India with Jack and Finn

The JacksGap Rickshaws

The JacksGap Rickshaws

Having stayed in India for about a month as part of a former job position I had, I am always interested in people’s travels there.  One of the most well known young British bloggers ( JacksGap)  Jack Harries  and his twin brother, Finn traveled with a few other friends to participate in a cross country race on The Rickshaw Run.

They were also raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust 

The JacksGap Team

The JacksGap Team

They did some extraordinary filming of their experience.  It gives you a real taste of the country and gives a unique view of the common experience these filmmakers have on this great adventure.

Twin Borthers Finn and Jack Harries

Twin Brothers Finn and Jack Harries

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