Joy To Us, Family – Christmas Wishes From San Francisco


Photo by JP Leddy

Nothing brings me greater joy this season of the year, thinking of my wonderful family in Guam , throughout the states and parts of the world.

I am a washed in memories of family gatherings with my brothers and sister, my mom and dad, grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins.   Included are the Christmases with all my children.  I love how happiness sets in my heart as I think of all of you.

Our family has expanded and we have lost some over the years, but we celebrate all over this planet united by familial ties.   I join with you and wishing every member of our clan the best of the season and wonderful year ahead.

Tonight as San Francisco waits to greet Christmas, Christmas music being played and many gather to celebrate good cheer. I find all of you are in  thoughts and heart.

Joy To Us

by JP Leddy for his family Christmas 2013

Christmas finds our family

Wrapped in togetherness

Bonded in shared legacy

That miles cannot separate

Faith deepens our souls

Love bursts into life

Through our laughter

As we build memories

Begun by a family in a stable

Whom we celebrate today

Joy to us, Family

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