My Four Reasons For The Season

It has been said that Christmas is love. As we celebrate this great love in 2013 , I know four reasons why every Christmas for me is a reflection of the reason of this season.


Love came into my heart in four meaningful ways.  The first one came on October 16, 1983.  Her name is Annette.  My first child and oldest daughter.  She got me with her pretty eyes that looked up at me as a new father.  I remember her kisses for daddy and her love of life.  That zest for life has never left her.  A young man asked me for her hand in marriage a couple of months ago.  My baby is grown up and continues to bless my life with her mindful check ins to see how her daddy is doing.  With her I learned unconditional love.

Then on Nov. 3, 1985 , love came into my heart in Rachel.  My second daughter whose beautiful round eyes would look at me as she hugged me when I got home from work.  She is my second child and daughter.   Her heart feels deep.  She is a mother and has brought a beautiful granddaughter and grandson into the family. I have learned resilience and life from her.

On Feb. 6, 1989 , love came into my heart with the arrival of Andrew, my son.  His curiosity and indomitable spirit surround a loving heart.  Our mutual journey has weathered the ups and downs of life where love has reached out and let us rediscover the father and son bond in adulthood.  He fills me with fatherhood pride.  He has taught me courage and how to dream once more.

On Nov. 13, 1990,  love came in the beautiful surprise of Clarissa. Her cute smile and hugs always makes me feel like a lucky daddy.  Her intelligence and creativity shine in her every being. She is my youngest child with the capacity to think deeply and to use her imagination to meet life.  She has taught me that life is a stage and to live it fully.

A Christmas Message 
Author: Unknown

I really want to tell you 
Just how precious you are to me, 
My every thought of you 
Is as loving as can be

My heart is totally filled with things 
That words alone can’t say, 
This comes especially for you 
With love on Christmas Day.

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