What Does Money Do To Us


Paul Piff presents an interesting lecture and study about the effect of money in our lives. “ Paul Piff is a social psychologist and post-doctoral scholar in the Psychology Department at the University of California, Berkeley.” Paul Piff website.

The observations and results gives a sobering look at what behaviors we start showing how money really has an impact our lives. It also gives a sobering look at economic wealth equality currently.

His surprising studies include running rigged games of Monopoly, tracking how those who drive expensive cars behave versus those driving less expensive vehicles and even determining that rich people are literally more likely to take candy from children than the less well-off. The results often don’t paint a pretty picture about the motivating forces of wealth. He writes, “specifically, I have been finding that increased wealth and status in society lead to increased self-focus and, in turn, decreased compassion, altruism, and ethical behavior.”  -TED

Please watch.

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