Look Out For Jeff Gutt in 2014

Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt   Photo by Mission Detroit Photography

One of the rising stars to watch for in the music industry in 2014 is Jeff Gutt.  He was First Runner Up in the latest season of the X Factor.  He is a skilled musician that brought his special brand of rock music to the talent show.  Exhibiting talent, charisma and a likable personality ( especially when showcasing his relationship with his son), Gutt has captured the loyalty of many fans.

I believe he will be a break out star like Daughtry ( who came in third place on American Idol a few years ago).  They share the same kind of talent and appeal that promises longevity in the difficult music industry.

Here is a brief bio from his website:

Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt     Photo credit: Mission Detroit Photography

Jeff Gutt Photo credit: Mission Detroit Photography

One of the ways to keep up on his plans and music is checking out his website on a regular basis : Jeff Gutt Website . There are links to his social media pages also there for different ways to connect with him and keep up with his news.

Look out for this rising star!!!

9 thoughts on “Look Out For Jeff Gutt in 2014

  1. Jeff Gutt has been a sleeper for far too long. Listening to his music before his X Factor performances proves that he is the real deal, he just needs to be heard by the right people.

  2. Will go down in the books as the breakout artist of 2014 without a doubt. He has been gifted with a rare set of pipes on him that can convey the emotions of the message a song is trying to send. Many artist can perform & perform extraordinarily well but few truly have vocals that like this young man’s. He is the full package & he has chosen members for his band that compliment his abilities to the max degree. Music world is in for a treat. His fan base has been steadily growing since the X-Factor show came to an end. His fans are so stoked about a new album & the thought that he will be touring later this year.

  3. We love you too. We are so excited about your future. We look forward to your music and the fact that you will be such a positive influence on others.

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