Revenge Rages On In 2014


I had to admit that the ABC “guilty pleasure” drama, Revenge,  has started the second part of its season with enough twists and delightful battles of will between its primary characters who are sworn enemies. It was brilliant to see Emily Thorne Grayson ( Emily VanCamp) dealing with amnesia after an almost fatal gunshot wound from her newly married husband.

However by the second episode of  the year, she recovered, following the fast pace nature of the film and fully entrenched in enemy grounds, the Grayson mansion.  There was some teasing with the audience that Emily was going to give up her revenge mission and move onward with a new life with Aidan Mathis ( Barry Sloane). That was short-lived.  It only took the revelation delivered by her arch-enemy, Victoria Grayson ( Madeleine Stowe) that the shooting left her infertile to return Emily to her mission of revenge against the Graysons.

Deliciously under their nose with enough lies and dis-functionality that makes Sunday night viewing so enjoyable, Emily is set to wreak havoc.   The underlying question is with all the sacrifices she has made in the name of revenge, will it , in the long run, truly give her the closure and peace she needs.

The actors seem to relish their roles and the writing is really winning with its surprises and loyalty to the original story line. That is good for the show.

In the meanwhile, let’s all enjoy some Revenge.

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