Noah Sinks


I am all for artistic expression.  I also know that the story of Noah is told most succinctly in a few verses in scriptures. I expected a development of character themes and see creativity expressed that way.  The movie Noah fails miserably.

The newest movie focusing on the epic story sinks the whole story into a tale even more fantastical then the original one.  There are fallen angels made of rock ( like prehistoric transformers), a stowaway in the ark who is the arch villain, and even Noah trying to kill his granddaughters….and on and on.  It was a mixture of Bible story, the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

The story was so incredulous that it really did not focus on the idea of the story of a man holding on to a belief despite the unbelief of others. There was no authentic exploration of the dynamics of getting your family to believe in building a structure when your senses tell you that there is no disaster coming.  It would have been a richer movie if the family dynamics were expanded in a meaningful way.

Whether you believe in the story or not, the real heart of it is how this man was not swayed from what he knew was true.

However, the movie even solidified the popular notion that the story of Noah was fairy tale.  I don’t think it helped to illuminate the gems of wisdom that are found in these age old stories.

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly did a great job in their acting performances. However, we get distracted by the nonsense of the other parts of the movie.

Don’t waste your money on this film. It is better read the story yourself and let your imagination take you into that experience.  It will be better than watching this film.

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