Rixton – Hits It Big In The USA



Four guys ( lads) from Manchester broke the Top 20 in U.S. pop charts with their single, Me and My Broken Heart. Their journey has led them from You Tube covers to a music video that made its debut on MTV. They are Rixton.

From their website :

“Hailing from Manchester, UK foursome Rixton are lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jake Roche, bass/keys, backing vocalist Danny Wilkin, lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Charley Bagnall, and drummer Lewi Morgan.  Jake and Danny started writing together 3 years ago in Danny’s parents caravan.  Two years later they were introduced to Charley through mutual friends and year later they stumbled upon Lewi in a back alley of a Manchester pub (playing pots and pans) and asked him to join the band.  Drawing comparisons to Maroon 5, Rixton offer up a wealth of addictive pop/rock/R&B built on their own brand of songwriting, instrumentation and vocal harmonies. “

Their U.S. tour starts on May 9th with several appearances throughout California and then to Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York.   Then they go back to the United Kingdom and resume their tour there.

 Renowned for Sound  said this in their review of the band and their debut song :

“Me And My Broken Heart is a good debut effort from the Manchester based lads, and showcases the bands ability to write for the mainstream audience. They have in some ways managed to deliver with their vision of their sound. The song is big, powerful and delivered with soul, however it does all feel a little too familiar with other artists currently riding over the airwaves.”

Rixton shows promise and we shall see what happens as they embark on this stage of their music artist journey.

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