The Other Woman- Humorous Sisterhood Homage

What is the best way to create a great bond among woman?  Let them find out that one man has been cheating on all of them. Even more scurrilous, is that he was cheating with them at the same time.


So the new film, The Other Woman, follows three woman who only meet because they are all being duped by their handsome but serial cheating lover. So instead of the usual cat fight scenarios that accompany these stories, these women become friends united to take down their man.

Kate Upton as Amber in The Other Woman by: JORDANA OSSAD - ENews

Kate Upton as Amber in The Other Woman by: JORDANA OSSAD – ENews

What is terrific about this comedic film is that there is an authenticity in the development of these women’s ( Cameron Diaz as: Carly Whitten, Leslie Mann as Kate King and Kate Upton as Amber ) relationship with each other.   They all have good chemistry, but Diaz and Mann have the strongest connection on screen. While Diaz gives another great performance, it is Leslie Mann who steals most scenes in the movie with her comedic timing and performance. She is also able to layer that performance with empathetic mastery.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is perfect as the meandering sleeze bucket of a guy who is the center of their consternation.

The plot runs fairly easy but the film succeeds because of some great comedic writing and performances. It is worth the watch.

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