Matt Ryanz – It’s Love to Me


It is nice to see songs on the air that addresses love in the LGBT community. With marriage equality spreading throughout the country and most places in the world, a music artist Like Matt Ryanz is relevant.  He is an out songwriter, singer that adds a contemporary sound to the idea of romantic love between two boyfriends.

He considers , It’s Love to Me,  his favorite song that he has written.   He has a tagline “…singing songs about guys”

A scene from the music video by Matt Ryanz "It's Love to Me"

A scene from the music video by Matt Ryanz “It’s Love to Me”

From his Facebook page : “You may not have heard the name Matt Ryanz, but after you hear his music – you won’t forget it. The independent songwriter & performer is unlike most artists of the music scene today: unapologetically artistic yet unabashedly pop. With his single “It’s Never Enough” and debut EP of the same name, it’s clear that Matt Ryanz is only just getting started.”

His newest song , It’s Love to Me, is a catching romantic ballad captured so well in his music video. It is optimistic and playful.  It also  showcases with honesty the love between two men.

It is available on iTunes so make sure you download the song and discover Matt Ryanz.


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