X-Men Days Of Future Past Is X-cellent!


What if you could go back in time and change the future?  What would you redo? How will you convince those who are your friends’ younger selves that they should not follow certain paths that will result in the horrible future ahead.

X-Men Days of Future Past takes that journey, resurrecting characters from the past.  Wolverine whose mind and body is equipped to go to the past is sent back for this mission.  His mind is existing both in the past and present.

The present is dark and foreboding, with powerful weapons that are deployed with the ability to take out the X-Men. The war that has been going on for years is virtually on the brink of destroying all mutants and mankind.

The trip back to the past finds Wolverine  ( played by Hugh Jackman)  trying to convince estranged friends Professor X ( Patrick Stewart) and Magneto ( Ian McClellan) to work together for a better future.  The key is found in rogue Mystique ( Jennifer Lawrence) whose body and DNA is destined to be used by anti-mutant scientist, Dr. Bolivar Trask  ( played by Game of Thrones star, Peter Drinklage) to create the killing machines of the future.

There is a stand out performance given by James McEvoy who plays the younger Professor X in the past, Charlie Xavier.

The epic plot is tempered by sub-stories that delve into the complicated relationships of the mutants. It also follows Wolverine’s efforts to overcome his own aggressive nature to bring the group from the past together for a common cause.

There is a lot of great action tempered with satisfying plot.  It should garner a great box office return.

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