Guardians of the Galaxy Ruled the Big Screen This Summer


The summer at the movies will be remembered for a film that had a bit of Star Wars, the irreverence of Indiana Jones, the  attitude of old westerns and the charm of the A Team . I am talking about my favorite action  blockbuster movie of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy.

This Marvel Comics inspired film is perhaps the most well crafted one of  all the Marvel films simply because it is the best scripted one. It has the best writing, greater depth and also great humor embedded in what is a layered story.  The action and CGI effects don’t overpower the characters or the plot.

Chris Pratt is the best kind of superhero,  wonderfully flawed , good looking , mischievous, with a heart of gold. His posse  are strong characters, who are each endearing and memorable.

A classic film has been born.  I can’t wait to see the sequel.  You know there is going to be one. Oh, there is going to be a whole franchise and I do not mind at all.


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