My Mother On Her Birthday

My mother turns 75 years old on August 28, 2014.   She still is young at heart and lives a vital, active life.  She  works a full time job as the executive secretary to the head to a General in the Air Force. She has a sharp wit and is no where near the stereotype that exists in society about people her age.

Joyce Martratt

Joyce Martratt


Society is out of sync with older adults. Yes, there are challenges with people when they get older.  But the truth is that people are living longer, are staying healthier and are still living life…or at least deserve to do so.

We have a huge issue with ageism with our society but that has to change.  The world population is projected to reach a point by 2050 where 50% of all living will be senior citizens.

A birthday tribute to mom with pics from  years past:

So on this birthday of my mother,  I not only wish her a great birthday but thank her for teaching me that staying young is an attitude that not dictated by how many years you have been alive on this earth.

Happy birthday, mom!


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