What If – A Great Film That Introduces Daniel Radcliffe As A Romantic Lead

Zoe kazan and Daniel Radcliffe in What If

Zoe kazan and Daniel Radcliffe in What If

The film, What if, is a refreshing, well written dramedy that is this generation’s romantic touch point of the state of relationships.  Within minutes of the film, Daniel Radcliffe brilliantly removes all remnants of Hogwarts and wizardry as he moves into  the role of romantic lead.

He does move into it quickly and he moves into it well.  He masterfully delivers his lines with great acting nuance, timing and skill. The chemistry between and lead actress , Zoe Kazan is palpable. It is electric between the two of them.

Supporting actors, Megan Park and Adam Driver are hilarious in their roles also.

The film keeps your interest and takes you on this roller coaster ride wondering if these the two leads will ever get together. You are pretty sure they would but there still is lingering doubt.

The journey with them until the end of the movie is great.  I recommend it highly.

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