Josh Record – Music is Wide Awake and A Cut Above

Josh Record

Josh Record

Haunting, beautiful with lyrics of a poet that stays with you.  I am taken to places in my life, the past , the present and the future.  I find myself getting lost in memories, in my hopes and dreams.  It has been a long time since I have been affected by music in that way.  Josh Record’s music does that to me.  I am a fan. It’s more than that, I am a believer.

His Pillars album that was released earlier this summer is rich in texture and is a listening banquet.  I find it like a feast for my ears filling my soul.   I also recently heard his track Skin which is the most deep romantic, passion, loving deep piece of music.  It is the epitome  of intimacy.

Record, a British music artist,. started getting noticed in 2012 with some notable singles and released his freshmen album in July of 2014 called Pillars.  His music is burning up the charts there and I have no doubt will do the same here in the states.

Give yourself the gift of his music.



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