The Book Of Life Brings Life To The Movies

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An animated film that focuses on the day of the Dead ironically is the very definition of what life, love and family is all about is capturing the hearts of movie goers this Fall. It certainly captured mine.  It has taken rich Mexican tradition in all its beauty and made it accessible to all of us.  This is The Book of Life.

The feel and visuals of the animation is very staying with the theme but the story is very universal.  There is enthrallment with the characters that is immediately felt as both children and adult audience members are taken into the journey on screen.  The characters are engaging and this iwill certainly be a movie classic that can be shared with family members year after year.

I loved at how it took the fear out death and made it seamless with life. It also showed the generational tie ins and how those connections were vital to all of us.  It is a really great lesson to take these cultural traditions and share it with everyone , Mexican or not.


The worlds that Manalo ( the main character- voiced by Diego Luna) has to travel to find his true love, and more importantly himself, are fantastical.  There are healthy messages about being yourself, friendship, redemption, and familial bond.  The love story is just part of it but not the central message.

What I loved was to see both adult and children respond with such resonance to the film.  It was such a rare sight in a theater with an animated film.  Enough said.  The Book of Life wins.

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