Dear White People – A Humorous , Honest Look At Racism Today



There is something about a film that capture today’s attitudes, especially through the eyes of college students, that intelligently and without apology,  using humor crafts a movie that shows how the subject of race is viewed today.   Using the fictional , self proclaimed, enlightened Winchester University.

The lives of four black college students are watched as their lives are played against all the complications of modern race relations. The film is amazingly honest in depicting the progress of relations and also the existing racism that persists.   It also shows the complicated new lives that present day black youth have that have come as a result of civil rights strides that make their lives different from their progenitors with the new challenges they re tasked with to improve racial equality.

The film’s plot builds up to the very explosive “Find Your Inner Negro” Halloween party which acts as the boling point for the race plot as well as all the personal stories.  It is hilarious as well as poignant.

Tyler James Williams as Lionel Higgins is a stand out.  His underscored but brilliant portrayal of Lionel steals most of his scenes.  Tessa Thompson as Samantha White, the earnest but vulnerable activist also brings on a great performance.  Another favorite is Teyonah Parris as the fierce Coco Connors.

Also, the narrative of the film delivered through the voice of Tess Thompson through Sam’s radio show , “Dear White People” brings on some of the best lines of the movie.

This is one of my favorite films of the year.


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