Resurrection – Is A Second Chance At Life A Mixed Bag?



Resurrection , now on it’s second year, has been weaving a story line that has continued to uncover more and more twists and turns, as it chronicles the bizarre return of people who have been dead, many for decades.  Ground Zero is the little town of Arcadia, Missouri.

The returns cause both personal and city wide disruption.  The government becomes involved.  The mystery ensues and slowly the story gets stranger.  This season finds that these returns have been happening for years and people have returned multiple times.  The government knows more than they want to reveal   Some of the returns in Arcadia are hiding some deep secrets including how to get rid of the returns permanently.  The lead character who has been investigating the returns has just found out he is a return also…and has returned multiple times before.  Yikes!

The show is also about second chances. It is also about how some people returning from the dead are not a good thing.  It is also about redemption and about resolution.

I really end up wanting to watch more after each episode ends.   I am caught in its Twilight Zone and Lost -like creepiness but really moved by the depth of its characters.  It is an entertaining and thought provoking series.


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