The Voice’s Top 5 -All Powerhouses!


It has been a while since a singing competition on television has produced such a talented, formidable group of artists at this level of competition. The Voice has certainly done this in the current season and has been consistent in the caliber of talent it has been discovering in its most recent seasons.

I love this show for many different reasons, but the collaboration between current successful artists and new ones has been a process that has been interesting to watch and to participate in as an audience member.

The process in this show seems so much more pure, authentic and focuses on sure artistry and talent.

The five contenders are for the top title are: Taylor John Williams, Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew, Damien and Craig Wayne Boyd.

Each has their own style and each can have a successful music career. They are just that good.

My own favorite, is Matt McAndrew from South Jersey. He is so original and his voice is rich with range. He is so on every song. He redefines every cover he has done to himself and in some cases even better than the original. I see him winning the Voice or at least ending up in the final two.  He is a star.

Taylor John Williams and Chris Jamison are also real strong contenders with equally strong voices and great stage presence.   Damien is a force with a voice that transcends and could certainly go to the top.  I know he wants it bad. You can see it in his face every time.  However, that kind of desperate expression could work against his very stellar voice.   America loves country music so the very sexy Craig Wayne Boyd ( with earlier makeover help from Gwen Stefani) brings it on too with a voice that guarantees him a long career. He could take the top prize.

It is a battle of the singing bulls. What en exciting competition this year!

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