Eddie The Eagle Soars


eddie the eagle

Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle

Eddie The Eagle tugs at the heart but also brings an inspiring true story to the big screen.  It follows the Olympic aspiring life of British athlete, Michael Edwards ( affectionately called Eddie), who in 1988 represented Great Britain as the sole competitor from that country in Olympic Ski Jumping.

His determination and heart  enabled him to enter the Olympics as an unlikely competitor using their own regulations to win the spot for Britain.  Outwardly and even skill size he did not fit what the world has personified as an Olympian.  He was often  ridiculed and nay-sayed by fellow athletes, members of the British Olympic committee and even his father.

Taron Egerton takes on the character of Eddie so very well.  He is transformed from the dashing leading man we saw in The Kingsmen.  However,  this role as Eddie shows us that Egerton’s acting chops puts him up there with the best.

Watch Eddie the Eagle Trailer

He had a coach who reluctantly assisted him. His coach, Bronson Peary ( played spot on by Hugh Jackman), is an alcoholic has been skier who fell short of Olympic glory due to youthful arrogance and bad choices.  He plays the perfect skeptic turned fan of Eddie’s, riding on the spirit that Eddie brought  and rediscovering his own greatness within him.

Yes, there are the right amounts of cheering scenes and emotional tugs in the film.  It is welcomed because in Eddie the Eagle we find ourselves and the potential we can reach though his story. Eddie tried to strive for personal best and he achieved it.  He personified that the journey is truly the winning story, and therefore truly Olympic.

Be reminded of what true achievement is and be inspired to do the same with your own life.  Watch Eddie The Eagle.



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