Deadpool – A Hero That Is Super and Human


Movies can be a great way to escape. It is especially great when the storytelling is compelling , the actors are excellent  and the visuals are spectacular.  That is how I would describe Deadpool.

It is also a fun, self-deprecating movie that takes the saturated Superhero movie space and takes pokes at it, while not compromising in delivering the best cinematic moments.

The movie is a study on what great special effects can be, delivering action worthy of the best Bruce Lee moves and actions.   It does sport violence and gives us a view of what super powers can do to the worst of criminals.

Click here for Deadpool Movie Trailer

Ryan Reynolds  steals all the scenes with his looks worthy of a hero and with the humor to make fun of it all.  His character is a hustler unwillingly given superpowers and a mutated face.  He is angry and does not want to be in the establishment of super heroes. He is also very likable.

Yes, he can be crude and  well, even more crude, but he creates empathy with the audience showing all that beneath all those layers is a guy , with a little mischievousness, who just wants to be happy.

His nemesis, Ajax ( played by the incomparable Ed Skrein), plays well against Reynolds with equally great looks and a wicked (literally) sense of humor. He is also likable in his evilness.

I enjoyed watching this movie so much and it was worth my time and money at the movies.  I know you will feel the same.



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