DVD Review – Long Term Relationship – Charms and Surprises

Popped in one of the DVD’s from Netflix the other night, in my continual review of gay themed films for Pride this month.   The film is called Long Term Relationship.  It came out in 2006.

The film starts out with a bang.  I thought it was going to be another of those already, overdone gay stories- rehashed in films that are oversexed, poorly, written and unrealistic.

This film changes gears soon into the story and it charms the viewer into a yarn that is endearing , fresh and moving.  It is a true romantic comedy.

Credit goes to Writer/Director Rob Williams.  He is a talent. His writing is clever and his directing weaves the story at a good pace.  The comedy is perfectly place and has the right rhythm with the drama that unfolds.

The romantic story between the two central characters of Glenn ( played by Matthew Montgomery) and Adam ( Windham Beacham) is perfectly orchestrated as a love story of polar opposites.  The angst and attraction play at such a tug of war between these two lovers that it carries through the whole movie ending in a perfect crescendo that fades perfectly in the distance.

Beyond the artistry, the acting is good.  Eli (Artie O’Daly) steals some scenes with his comical acting abilities.

So I recommend renting it and enjoy spending time with these great characters.


One thought on “DVD Review – Long Term Relationship – Charms and Surprises

  1. Ok, I do have to say that I don’t quite agree with you in this movie. While I did enjoy it – it was nice to just was a love story that happened to be gay – he story line falters a little bit to the detriment of the acting (or maybe it was the other way around). Nothing was “overdone” per-se, but at times the editing wasn’t what it should be and at the end I was glad that they got back together but the misunderstanding of your boyfriend not showing up for valentines day and Montgomery’s character sleeping with his old f*ckbuddy was ridiculous.

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