Guam Olympic Team Participates in Beijing Opening Ceremonies

 As one of the smallest delegations of athletes participating in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the U.S. Territory of Guam’s 13th member team was the 88th nation of 204 to enter the “Bird’s Nest” arena for the Opening Ceremonies.

Flag bearer for Team Guam was Ric Blas, Jr. , Judo,  was visibly moved and honored by the event. Guam has a population of over 150,000 people and is located in the Western Pacific Ocean, in the area of rhe world known as Micronesia.  Known historically for its role in one of WWII’s most siginificant battles, Guam has become a major tourist center.

The Guam atheletes will also be competing in swimming, wrestling, sprinting and paddling. Please refer to my earlier blog at:

7 thoughts on “Guam Olympic Team Participates in Beijing Opening Ceremonies

  1. im from guam but live in CA. the only thing I didn’t like watching NBC was how the commentator introduced our flagbearer as being the most heaviest olympian this year and one of the few in the history of the olympics competing in Judo..well, maybe its an interesting fact but they could’ve at least talked about his accomplishments in Judo like how they did with every other athlete.. haha.. now some ignorant people might think we’re a bunch of sumos on the island.. LoL..

  2. Worse of all, Mr. George W. did not care to stand as the Guam flag and delegation was introduced!

    Stand proud Guam !

  3. I am living in the UK, and I am Guamanian, I don’t know what you guys above are griping about, I was extrememly proud that our island was represented. I shouted happily seeing them walking out and holding up our Flag. People from around the world could think whatever they want but what really counts is that we continue to take pride in our island. Our people made it to Beijing to represent us. How many other countries out there as small as we are can say that? Not many. The commentator may have been misinformed being that everything they say is usually scripted. Yes our Judo Repesentative is big, but he was also represented as being a Heavy weight in the Judo category. It doesn’t mean that people will see it as our islanders all being sumos. There were other athletes walking behind him that didn’t look like “sumos” as you so put it I am sure the people who were watching that would have seen it. Anyhow, more power to the players!!!! GO GUAM!!!!!!

  4. For the Gentleman who is angry about the President not standing when our team came out, Dude, I blame the organizers. They should have kept Guam behind the US Team. As we are a part of the US. However, I am sure that he was proud just the same. Did it occur to you that maybe he was watching the US team making there way to their spot? Or maybe the other world matters were on his mind like the clashes between Russia and Georgia? The tension between China and Tibet perhaps? Come on he tries his best so don’t be mad. What counts is that we stood up when they came out.

  5. As a statesider (outsider) living in Guam I was embarrassed and outraged to here the indignity leveled at Guam’s flag barer. He is a super heavy weight judo wrestler for crying out loud. He is supposed to be BIG!! But “the Fat Guy” comment was uncalled for and the network should be called to publicly apologize to the governor and the people of Guam for their “sanctioned” comments degrading the people of this island and indeed this entire portion of the globe.

    With the President not standing for the Guam flag, Why should he?? He is not a citizen of Guam and he was a bit preoccupied with the cold war starting again on his watch.

  6. well, you see.. I didn’t evne see it in the perspective as our flagbearer being a “heavyweight” contendor like some of you do.. reason being is because most martial art heavy weights are in the 210-250# range.. the commentators should blame their script writers for focusing too much on this “interesting fact” but should’ve cross-mentioned it to his weight division in the sport which they absolutely did not do… alot of ignorant people out there would not be focusing on the people behind him becuase its TV and all they focus on is what the camera is zooming in on and what the commentors are saying.. oh well, im not upset at all.. just thought it was a funny fact they had to bring up compared to that of other countries.. GUAM PRIDE all the way..

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