Battlestar Galatica – One of TV’s Best!




Battlestar Galatica has to be one of the best dramas that have ever graced television. It transcends science fiction and its writing is superb.  This season’s opening episode with the ramifications of a nuclear blasted wasted earth from last season’s cliffhanger was punctuated with one powerful revelation after another.  


Every hope they had built their mission for a new home was shattered and their very belief system was torn to shreds as the humans they sought on earth were discovered to be cylons when their remains were studied.  Also, some of the human-like cylons on the Galatica found out that they were originally from Earth.  Somehow they were resurrected light years away.


Starbuck found her dead corpse and she held it’s burial.  That opens another mystery about her. Then the final Cylon was revealed.   That was shocking.   So many revelations. Still so many questions! Yet what a great episode!


Adama, who at the brink of suicide, and finally with the help of his estranged best friend, pulls himself together, and then rallies his crew, the colonists and the cylon allies… and sets his course for a habitable planet.  


The Earth quest was a dream.  It was a false hope.  However, it just meant that they had to create their own journey based on their own dreams and own hopes.  They have to write their own chapter.   So this season, the final season – starts fresh.  I can’t wait to watch these final episodes!

3 thoughts on “Battlestar Galatica – One of TV’s Best!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! From every perspective – whether it’s writing, technical and visual effects or acting – BSG really raised the bar for television and totally separated the least common denominator viewer – finally! I mean, I love the writing, comedy and timing of Two and Half Men just as well, but when I need to feed my cerebral side, I’m a BSG fan all the way!

  2. Kel,

    Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you are also a fan of BSG. It is certainly going to be an exciting season. Thanks for your perspective on the series.

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