A Merman Named Stan

Brent Corrigan and Jonah Blechman

I recently saw on DVD the  raunchy gay comedy film “Another Gay Sequel-Gays Gone Wild” ( 2008). The film is over the top  in the tradition of Naked Gun, Scary Movie,  and Airplane with gay sexual hi-jinks built into it.   A great popcorn movie for a couple of hours of silliness and a lot of eye candy.

There is a sub story where one of the main characters Niko ( played by Jonah Blechman) meets a Merman named Stan ( played by Brent Corrigan).

Nico is not fitting into the Spring break -Circuit party crowd of  Gay Ft. Lauderdale.   Then in some throw back to the fantasies of the golden age of Hollywood and those Annette Funicello movies of the sixties, he meets the adorable merman Stan who helps see his way.

Brent Corrigan plays Stan the Merman

Here are a couple of clips.

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