The Legacy to Effect Social Change that King Left Us

Many are commemorating the life, words, service and death of Martin Luther King, Jr. today.  Several books with varying opinions on the man from his character to his message have been written from many points of view.  Despite it all, this most human soul, with all his frailties, was able to achieve moments of greatness and sustain them to inspire all of us from generation to generation that non-violent activism for social change is possible.

While racism still rears its ugly head and poverty continues to afflict many with its sister ills of ignorance and violence,  much progress has been made in civil justice and equality.  King’s methods to effect change in race relations and promote race equality has become the blueprint for causes ranging from women’s rights to gay rights.

The vision of the mountaintop has expanded to include more and more of the disenfranchised and the many kinds of discriminated groups.  They owe a lot of their movements and establishments to the voice of a preacher who dared to speak his mind and use words and not fists to bring justice about.

What a day to celebrate with gratefulness that he lived long enough to make a difference in all our lives in this nation and this world.  Now let us take up the mantle he has put on each of us to truly work for social justice and equality.  This the legacy he left us,  one we should cherish and be proud of not only today but every moment we live in freedom in this great country we call home.

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