Alive and Screaming

Jake Walden

One of my favorite music artists is Jake Walden. As a tribute to his fans he put all these pictures they submitted to him on a video montage to his track: Alive and Screaming.

He has a very unique voice and sings deep from within his soul. You need to check out his site and buy his music.

“Sometimes you have to go through the motions…
for a moment you walk through the path of your life as a ghost
A shell of who you were,
a shadow of who you long to be.
Then one day you wake up realize without warning
you are no longer just going through the motions….
but present, new, alive and screaming”

“Thank you ALL who sent in your photos. They are all special and speak volumes in their own ways. Please share this with your friends and know that you have inspired ME today to work harder and believe in myself and others just that much more.”

Peace, be you,

( Jan. 11, 2010)

2 thoughts on “Alive and Screaming

  1. Hi, this is Cheri….. I want to bring some Jake Walden NEWS to your attention, knowing you have supported him in the past. I too am a Fan, a Friend, a Dreamer…. I have passionately given ‘blood, sweat & tears’ to this man and his music over the past few years. He literally has changed my life! Jake is hard at work on his second album ‘Same Something Different’. The songs are written, the musicians are in place, the producer has been selected… it’s time to rock and roll!! Jake needs your help. Not only to make a PLEDGE in support of his new album, but to spread the word… blog about it, tell your friends… he only has 30 days to make this first goal of $10,000… not nearly enough but what is needed to keep the fundraising project ALIVE and SCREAMING!!!! So here is the link to Jake Walden’s KICKSTARTER Project:

    Please help make a difference! I have heard some of the new tracks and TRUST ME…. it will be beyond what you probably can even imagine it to be. Go to the site… watch his beautiful VIDEO… check out all he is offering in return for your faith and support… besides a most incredible album that the world needs to hear!! Let’s make this happen!! My sincerest thanks!

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