Liking Yourself

It is funny how there are moments in your life, when you feel less about yourself. Perhaps it is the onslaught of events. Perhaps it is the actual or imagined perceptions about you from others.  Perhaps it is the need to be loved by someone and it is not happening.

Many things can cause you to give in to that mocking, taunting voice in your head that tells you you are not good enough, beautiful enough or worthy enough.  If you continue to give into it, it becomes a chorus of voices that throws a mirror of yourself up in your mind.

You look into that mirror and you are horrified. You believe that voice because of the image.  You believe everyone sees that image who looks at you.

What happens,  is as you buy into it, you begin to take that image and make it part of your outward self… not in detail but in demeanor and in what kind of energy you give off.   You become it.

How to combat it?  Like yourself.   That voice will evaporate against a self will who believes and likes one’s self.  Yes, you are not perfect.  Yes, circumstances  are not always wonderful.  Yes, maybe the love of your life is not who you hope it would be or has not arrived yet….but damn it….you are wonderful.

Look into that mirror in your mind… and see this wonderful, good person you are that people are damn lucky to have as a friend, colleague and even lover in their lives.

Like yourself! I like me….So there!

4 thoughts on “Liking Yourself

  1. Once some self-help “guru” – probably Tony Robbins said “Motivation is like a shower, you can’t just do it once and expect it to last forever…” – or something along those lines. This too, self-appreciation falls into the same basket; as has been said already, look into your mental (or even actual) mirror and remind yourself how good you really are – but don’t just do it once, do it morning, do it night – convicine yourself how worthy you are. Being compassionate guards against arrogance, so it’s good to practice this also. 🙂

  2. I was just sitting in my room writing down my thoughts that really the basis was one thing’ getting to really deeply LIKE myself. I say this only from the fact that 3 days ago I was having a nice day- I thought things were fairly stable within myself- untill later on that evening I started drinking- I do drink quite occassionally although now things are changing.
    As I became buzzed perse I was knowing this – a couple of so called friends – which on my sober time would not had been in my room – were there and out of the blue I remember the girls boyfriend handing me a hand full of pills – I knew not what they were or why my hand reached out so freely and took them all proceeded to swallow all of them. Now I have never thought to be suicidle- the farthest from my mind- Yet the next morning I awoke tied down to a hospital bed- wondering” where am I , why I am I there.
    I almost died- stopped breathing,and luckily a close friend decided to come by to see if I was still planning on cooking hamburgers for him !
    It is amazing how one little decision on ones part may be your fate. If this unfortunate careless act did not happen I really dont know how long it would be where I would just blow like some timed bomb-
    I lost my baby many years ago- and just this last month- I was so sure that all the self reassurance and learning how to become whole again and LOVE myself had worked I really had believed from my heart and soul I was ” OK”
    NO I dont understand how even though the fact that you go through your days and nights always thinking, saying, reacting in a positive manner- that one night out of the blue comes the side of me I have thought I had killed away – the hate myself part I really thought I had defeated; was just waiting there for the right moment to appear and being intoxicated like I was – and alone with people who have no respect for the qality of life nor a individual just opened my hand grabed a loaded gun and pulled the trigger beside my own head .
    This scares me so much . And when I came across this site – which was my first choice in my results I felt like it was here I could share this with you . I do know that I am not a quitter I am 38 years old and i do love life. Yet I am blocked in a sense to knowing what I should do next- I suppose more reading working through building skills I do not have a clue. Therefore I am open for any knowledge anyone here may have that can turn a light on for me . At this point its all about going gun hoe .

  3. Christell,

    Thank you for sharing and I am so glad that my blog post has helped. I know that you have had some real difficulties in your life but the greatest love that you can find is the love you have for yourself. Fight for your life. You are worth it. It takes baby steps. Celebrate each moment of discovery about how wonderful you really are and relish those moments to take you over the dark ones.

    Love will make you whole.


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