Ana Mae Cox Celebrates Her Birthday Dragiliciously!

Ana Mae Cox Photo by Andy Singer

Okay, I came to Marlena’s to join others to celebrate my dear friend, Ana Mae Cox’s birthday.  She performs there every Saturday night in San Francisco in the Hayes Valley Follies where some of  the city’s best drag performers give what I believe to be the best organic traditional drag production in the city.

I was joined by some of my friends who came to the show for the first time.  Ana Mae looked happy because so many of her friends showed up.  The atmosphere is always up in that bar.  Ana Mae goes through about 500 wardrobe changes during the night ( it seems that way) but she always looks fabulous!  For a guy dressed like a girl that is a feat indeed!

Ana Mae Cox with Moe Jo (Left) and Mark ( Right)

Well, then the show came on and with Ms. Galilea  emceeing the event,  it became one big celebration show. People were jumping and dancing around.  There were many great numbers by all the drag performers.  However,  Ana Mae Cox was on fire that night. It is maybe because of the effects her birthday or just because every time I see her perform she only gets better.

Adrian, Ana Mae Cox , Anthony

Then it was her last number that left me awestruck. I normally would have video recorded it but I did not.  She did “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce and she physically transformed herself from the drag performer to the man behind the make up.  I was so touched by Ana Mae’s moving performance that my heart stopped and I teared up. This performer reaches deep inside the soul to emote the center meaning of the song. The illusion became real.

Alan, Ana Mae Cox, Moe Jo

There was a moment where I felt transported and I did not even hear the music any more but somehow Ana Mae transported me to the deep parts of my heart where hidden aches laid dormant and they flooded out.  A true performer brings out our humanity and the stage helps us in the audience look inward to find ourselves.

Ana Mae Cox’s “IF I Were A Boy” Performance

It was a Dragilicious Birthday for Ana Mae Cox!  It was a birth of sorts for my spirit.

Anthony, Ana Mae Cox, Diana, Adrian

A performance from last week

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