A Walk With A Friend

The sounds of the city were muted this late afternoon that I took a walk with my friend.  It was amazing what simple, free flowing conversation with someone who cares can do to put some perspective to one’s concerns.  It was if burdens were lifted from me because my friend was listening and somehow shared the weight.

The act of talking and listening combined with walking also did wonders to shake out the fog of my troubled mind.  The laughter and and lighthearted banter that found its way during our time together were like welcomed companions.  I found some peace and comfort during that walk.

My friend also found my company a needed respite from his own concerns so this walk was a mutual regeneration of our spirits.  We invoked the power of friendship.

We need times like this that can help the rougher patches of life seem more tolerable.  I hope that we remember to all take more walks with friends.

One thought on “A Walk With A Friend

  1. Yes, being with a good and trusted friend can do magic to the body, mind and soul… You have written it in a very beautiful way!!

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