Needing to Breathe

When things seem to bundle up and crunch all at once, like work and personal life issues, there is a tendency to just keep going and going.  It is like feeding a locomotive that has gone off it’s tracks and we just keep making it go faster.  One day it is going to hit something and just crash in one big explosive way.

Some of us use alcohol, drugs and even sex to fuel this kind of mad coping mechanism.  However, none of these things really help and we end up still wanting in the end with our “locomotive” out of steam or worse,  damaged.

I have been hearing a lot lately about being authentic.  This has been really meaningful to me.  However, in the process to find true authenticity,  there is a physical preparation to get there. One of the exercises is to simply breathe.

Many of us don’t breathe well.  We don’t take time to take breaths that fill our bodies and let the oxygen flow through it.  When we relax and for a few minutes do these deep breathing exercises with our eyes closed,  it is amazing how calming and how connecting one can get with oneself.

I have begun to this more and it helps.  Life is so chaotic and getting in touch with who we really are inside so that we can also live that way outside helps us to shape our lives authentically.  That leads to happiness.

Take time to Breathe…really Breathe.

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