In The Company Of Friends

Last night I was surrounded by  some of my most closest friends.  We were enjoying a few drinks, joking, laughing, and just being happy. It was our own little world , where whatever cares seem to be  weighing on our backs were lifted.

I love these moments with friends who totally accept you and know you. There are no facades in the group, just plain old honesty.  Here are people who will call you on your shit and have your back at the same time.  I would not trade these friendships for the world.

I felt so good just hanging out with them and being, for a lack of a better word,  “goofy.”

Good times, I call it.

To be in the company of true friends, is to really enjoy life.  I feel lucky and I feel support.

What is great is the laughter.

These people don’t let me take myself too seriously and that really helps to put things in perspective.

Friends are better than prescription drugs most times.  I like the side effects much better with friends.  I was smiling all the way home.

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