Who We Are – The Shame of A Nation’s Bigotry – Tom Goss and Matt Alber

An important single has been released today called “Who We Are.”  Many brave men and women have been discharged from military service simply because of who they are – gay men and women.  It did not matter how outstanding or exemplary their service was, it just mattered who they loved.

Matt Alber

Tom Goss

The DADT policy continues to exist with all its tentacles of bigotry.  Moreover, thousands of servicemen and women have been discriminated against simply because of their sexual orientation.

Enough is enough, America.  This is pure injustice in its ugliest form.

Tom Goss and Mat Alber have put political activism to song to remind us to join together to end this harmful policy against this group of people and against what is truly the ideal of America.

The lyrics and the music are soulfully done.  They hit the mark  with the double talent power of these remarkable music artists. Goss and Alber are a music powerhouse together!

Join the fight for right!

2 thoughts on “Who We Are – The Shame of A Nation’s Bigotry – Tom Goss and Matt Alber

  1. You guys should be able to fight for our country so much for equality :/ I love this song though amazing job! ❤ you guys so much! You helped me alot

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