A Screaming Squeaky, Gay Boys, and Wonder Woman

Now I have written before about my adventures out in the Castro District (  my friends and I affectionately call “Oz”)  of San Francisco.  Friday Night was another wild time.  The Haus of  Coxxx was out ( or a lot of us).  The Haus are members of a close group of friends who are hand picked and who support the famous San Francisco drag performer Ana Mae Cox.

We are a wild funky bunch of close knit guys and gals.  But I must admit the wildest one of all is our lovable Joey who is nicknamed “Squeaky” Coxxx.   He is such a tornado of a spirit, he turns any place upside down.  He also has one of the biggest hearts I know.

So  Matt ( Ana Mae Cox),  Alan ( Master Coxxx),  Moses ( Daddy Coxxx), Alexiz ( Newbie Coxxx), Me ( Sweet Coxxx),  Joey ( Squeaky Coxxx)  and our friends  Behdad and George L.   Here’s a video that captured part of that night.

The Haus lives on!!!

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